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This site 

is dedicated to the Art of Stencil.

 In the late seventies I discovered the

technique of cutting images and spraying

them on walls in Amsterdam. I started a

gallery with an Art-Walk-In-Service and

from that on I was a stencil junkie. Cut and

shoot, bomb the city walls with hyper

realistic images. 

Hugo Kaagman 2016
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Stencil, pochoir, sjablonen. Cutting is a hell

of a job, you need vision and patience. And

you must have ideas about what to cut. After

that you must spray carefully, not too much

because of drippings, and use tape to cover

parts you want to keep clean. While cutting

goes slowly, the spraying goes quickly. That

is why it is perfect for illegal actions. But is

also perfect for trasnsferring any image on

anything you want. Yes, we can be human

printers in these post-modern times with

almost prehistoric ways to do it. Enjoy some

examples on this site and don’t forget to click

on the links for more.

Hugo Kaagman 2015